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New from Trésor de la Mer - Website Translations & Product Reviews

I recently installed an app on my site that will allow for my website to be translated into multiple languages. I have chosen a few languages to start with and I'll be embarking on this monstrous task today. I call it a monstrous task because I'll have to do it manually. The app requires a payment to do it automatically and after how tight money has been this year, I just can't afford to spend what it will cost to automatically translate the entire site into multiple languages. The translations will roll out gradually over the coming weeks. I have decided on German, Italian, French, and Spanish languages, as I have a vague familiarity with all of those languages, and have seen through my analytics reports that I have website traffic coming from these countries.

I am always open to suggestions and referrals to better web development tools, so if anyone has a suggestion for another app that will automatically translate the website and basically save me weeks of work, feel free to send a message to or leave a comment below. It would have to be a free translation service, with a reputable star rating.

It's been a daunting few weeks as I've redesigned every corner of my website, loaded new products from a different supplier, resumed my blogging in full force, promoted my amazing new 2024 Mermaid Fantasy calendars, and refined all the SEO for my website. This is pretty much all I want to do with my life at this point, and the wonderful compliments I've received from my small group of supporters have given me the adrenaline to keep pushing forward. Here is a link to the calendars, if you haven't purchased yours already -

I have also added a Reviews section to my website. Thank you so much to all of you who have been kind enough to leave such glowing reviews on my mermaid calendars, accessories, and Mermaid for Hire service. I really appreciate that you all chose me when there are so many other choices! If you've purchased a product or hired me for your event, please feel free to leave a review here -

Lastly, here is a picture of my cat sitting on my Harvest Fantasy mermaid tail. The Harvest Fantasy Professional Mermaid Tail is currently available for sale in the Mermaid Tails section in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Click here to purchase yours -

cat sitting on mermaid tail
Miss Trixie sitting on my tail


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