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Seasonal Nothingness

My new mermaid tail has been delayed a few times in transit, and I'm climbing the walls with anticipation over seeing it. This is the first of my custom designs, and if it looks the way I want it to, then I'll be offering it for sale in my online store as early as next week. The printing company has been very communicative and helpful with keeping me updated on transit delays, and good communication is so important, especially when you're dealing with a company in another country, so I'd really like to throw them more business. I've already started working on my second design - it's similar to the first design, but with a different colour scheme, inspired by a movie character. I'm so excited about unveiling these creations; I just hope the first tail turns out the way I want it to.

Calendar sales have been decent. I haven't sold as many as I'd like, but truthfully I wasn't sure what to expect with my first calendar. I wasn't able to price it as competitively as other calendars for sale right now largely because it's print on demand, which is always a bit costlier than calendars that are printed in bulk by the thousands. Still, friends have been supportive and purchased them, as well as a few names that I didn't recognise on the sales report, so hopefully I'm finally reaching a new audience. I've received wonderful feedback on the design and some friends have them hanging in their offices, which I really liked - I wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy, and workplaces are usually full of people with diverse tastes and opinions. The fact that these people felt like this was the right piece to put on display was a big compliment to me.

I had an ad running on TikTok and the promo video garnered a lot of views and likes, but not that many clicks on the link to purchase, and none of the sales generated came from that ad. According to the promotion breakdown stats, the majority of the people clicking were between 13 and 17, and the second highest group was over 55. I can understand why the younger age group might not have purchased anything - I certainly didn't have money or a bank account until I was 17, when I started working, but it was a smidge disappointing to see that the over 55 group didn't take a bigger interest. I have a new ad running on Etsy. I had originally intended to run an ad on Instagram but you need to have a business page in order to run ads, and Instagram didn't approve my business page because my following is small and I also don't have a shopping cart on my site. All my products for sale on my site link to outside resources because everything is print on demand. Once my mermaid tails and accessories are ready for purchase I'll be able to add a cart to my site, and I'll be generating Instagram ads at that time.

I work at a non-mermaid job when I'm not freezing my butt off underwater with Brandon, my photographer. I interact with the public a lot, and it was really nice to see everyone so revved up about the Christmas holiday. People were in a great mood and very generous, and except for Saturday night, I had an extremely busy but fantastic week.

Merry Christmas to me, lol.

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