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Secret - Mermaid Fantasy Video - The Best Mermaid Videos from Trésor de la Mer

Our hearts bear the eternal weight of our deepest secrets.

🎶🎵 Secret by Faetra

Faetra's music popped up as a recommended video and I really liked her cover of Madonna's "Secret," however there doesn't seem to be a lot of information available about Faetra. If anyone knows her Instagram or TikTok, or knows more about her, please post details in the comments! Her YouTube can be viewed here -

Victoria is wearing the Lilith mermaid tail with custom accessories crafted herself. The Lilith tail was designed by Victoria and sewn by VirtuoSew. A unique endeavour between a collective of photographers and a ballet dancer, Trésor de la Mer provides extraordinary mermaid and ballet fantasy artwork for discerning collectors and admirers of our underwater world. Victoria Persephone is a professional ballet dancer & graphic artist from New York, and the photographers contributing to the allure of Trésor de la Mer are accomplished freedivers and scuba divers who travel extensively all over the world. This imaginative work fuses together in a fully immersive underwater daydream. Mermaid fantasy and ballet fantasy art prints available at as well as globally available mermaid for hire services, phone cases, beach towels, notebooks, and professional mermaid tails. Follow on Instagram at tresordelamer666. There are many new exciting projects in the works so be sure to sign up for the mailing list on the website to stay up to date on new developments, and subscribe on YouTube! Mermaid videos with peaceful music and serene imagery abound here in this darker realm. Revel in the mysteries of the deep. This is the place to be to see a mermaid caught on camera!

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Cinematography by professional mermaid hunter Trace WElls Ingham.


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