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Underwater Modeling

I've spent half of this year pursuing my newest venture, creating art prints as an underwater model with the uber fabulous Brandon Howard Photography empire in Florida. It's been a learning experience to say the least - learning to swim in a dress and pointe shoes [something you typically don't do], learning to swim with a mermaid tail [maybe something you typically do?], learning how to pretend I'm not freezing to death in the water all day, and learning how to keep my makeup intact for a full day's shooting. I adapted fairly well to the first 3 things, but honestly, keeping my makeup in place for the first couple sessions was way harder than I thought. I bought some waterproof makeup which wasn't all that waterproof, and gave up on that after the second use. As someone with skin allergies to phenoxyethanol, a preservative found in a lot of skin care products and makeup, I have to be careful about what I put on my face, so my choices were limited from the start. But I finally found the Siia Makeup Setting Spray, which worked great. Let's be honest, if you're in the water all day, your makeup isn't going to stay perfect. This stuff does a great job of sealing everything up though, and the best part, no phenoxyethanol. I highly suggest popping over to and investing in a bottle.

Our most recent shoot was mermaid photos, which are being sorted now. To say I was excited about being a mermaid was an understatement, and to say I'm excited about seeing our photos and videos is an even bigger understatement. There's a wonderful company in Germany called Magictail that lets you design your own mermaid tail, and I've already finished designing my first mermaid tail; again, an understatement to say I'm excited about its imminent arrival. The tail I wore in my most recent shoot was a FinFun Elite tail with a custom dorsal fin that I designed and sewed myself. I'll be making more customisations and unique designs that will be available for purchase sometime next year on our website,

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