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My life goes completely upside down every time i leave town to do another mermaid photo shoot. I may as well have left earth, because being out in nature, in the water, in the wilderness, being a mermaid, is so outrageously surreal that I can barely believe it's even happening. I lose track of time, I'm freezing, but then I get out of the water and I warm up enough to want to get back in, and it cycles over and over. The only things drawing me back home are my cats, who I always miss so much on these excursions. I truly want to do this every week, or at least more often than I can. It's not just about escaping, but also about the beautiful art I get to create under the water with my photographer Brandon. Sure, I can fly down to Florida or Mexico on my own and swim in a mermaid tail in springs or cenotes, but there's no document of my ethereal journeys without all the photos and videos he creates. I get to be someone else, the person I'm supposed to be, finally, a person who leaves an impression on people, who leaves a hailstorm of art and beauty in her wake. A person who draws new people in and maybe even pulls back those who turned away, thinking I was nothing but an empty vessel of anger and selfishness, or those who simply found me uninspiring. Regardless, I am so happy doing this, happier than I've ever been, and I'm craving so much more of it.

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