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Being a mermaid has completely unleashed a part of my psyche that had previously lain dormant. My creativity has been booming since I started doing this last year. Part of the surge in my creativity has been in no small part due to taking L-carnitine supplements, which I started doing in February of this year.

I was sitting around reading various health articles online one day and I came across one touting the energy benefits of L-carnitine, so I figured yes, let's try this. I'm definitely someone who has struggled with bouts of low energy. Sometimes I would have days where I would drink coffee literally all day and never feel awake. L-carnitine is produced naturally in the body and the supplements just amp up production. The result is a very pure, long energy flow that lasts for a while. No jitters or shaking or crashing like with energy drinks, and no sugar to mess up your diet. I finally felt really awake and focused, I got so much mermaid work done, and my creativity shot up tremendously.

I haven't noticed any downside to L-carnitine. The side effects I noticed were both positive for me - it suppresses your appetite, which I didn't know, but definitely appreciated, as I'm just busy, and hunger is distracting. If you're beginning a new workout or diet, this is an excellent way to help you develop new eating habits. L-carnitine also helped alleviate some depression for me - I lost a friend earlier this year, and the sadness hasn't really gone away, but it became more manageable with bolder L-carnitine production in my system.

I really wish I'd known about this stuff sooner. Most of my life has revolved around fitness and nutrition, and no one ever brought this to my attention. I'm hoping that by writing about my experience, more people will benefit from the supplement. It's inexpensive and available at most retailers; a quick Google search will pull up your local carriers and you can shop for the best price. Happy L-ing.

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