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Trésor de la Mer is a hospitality design partner that offers ethereal underwater photography artwork & accessories
for your home, studio, hotel, or office as well as
mermaid for hire services & mermaid tails.
Create an aquatic fantasy everywhere.

The work of Trésor de la Mer evokes feelings of serenity

and escapism, leading viewers on a mystical tour through

an alluring gothic underworld.

Hotel contracts welcome!
We are an approved vendor for Hotel Supply Distributors and a prospective supplier for Avendra Hotel Supply Distributors.

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New Partnership - Laredo Frame Factory

Trésor de la Mer is now partnering with the amazing

Laredo Frame Factory!

These exquisite frames are handmade with a classical vintage feel to provide the perfect encasement for your fine art pieces. Click through the gallery below to see some examples of their wonderful craftsmanship.

Calendars are Here!

Click below to purchase a calendar from one of our extraordinary photographers,
Trace Wells Ingham &
Andy Deitsch

Hospitality Design
by Trésor de la Mer

Click through the gallery to get a glimpse of the

excitement Trésor de la Mer can bring to your casino,

hotel, cafe, rental property, or event space.