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Trésor de la Mer is thrilled to offer Mermaid for Hire services!

A premiere choice for upscale corporate entertainment! This is a globally available, high end luxury service catering to the most discerning hosts. Victoria is available to swim at your upscale event, brand launch, or corporate function as part of the entertainment for your evening. Bring an extra flair to your coastal themed party or simply add a surprise visual for your guests. Engage clients with a unique experience everyone can enjoy. Bookings are 2 hours long with extended times available for an extra fee. Victoria will be accompanied by a personal security guard at all events. You are hiring 2 people for all events.

A professional freshwater swim tank or large pool is required, with a minimum depth of 10 feet. All chlorinated pools will be required to adjust their chlorine levels prior to the event and submit verification of the requested levels. Hosts & guests are not permitted to be in the pool or tank during the mermaid swim event. 

Please email to request a quote for your event, and please include the following information:

- Venue location [public venues are preferred; private residences will be considered if your address can be verified via google]

- Pool type [professional tank, inground pool, indoor pool, chlorine, freshwater]

- Length, width & depth of pool or tank

- Date and time of event

- Expected number of guests

Currently serving New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, & Washington DC. Other areas are available at request - international travel available as well! please email for a quote for your location.

For assistance planning a mermaid swim event worldwide, please contact Scarlett Entertainment,

a global entertainment company with offices in the USA, UK, Italy, and Dubai.

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