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Trésor de la Mer Mermaid is so excited to present the newest addition to our fantasy experience -
professional mermaid tails!

​Wondering where to buy a mermaid tail? Buy one here.

These professional tails feature oversized flukes, large dorsal fins, calf fins, heel fins, hip fins, a luxury knit fabric, and a low rise waistline perfect for shorter mermaids or anyone who prefers a low rise fit. The power grip elastic ensures the tail will stay in place while swimming. The heel fins will help draw attention away from the unavoidable heel bumps and there are pre-sewn drainage holes to allow water and air to pass through the fluke while swimming. Monofins are not included however a larger monofin is needed to help propulsion. The Fin Fun Elite monofin is a great fit, and the Mahina should work as well. Click below to order!

A larger monofin is required for these tails. Vinyl insert included. These tails are intended for advanced or professional level swimmers and are not recommended for beginners. As always, never swim alone and always use the proper monofin.

These tails are designed by Trésor de la Mer mermaid model Victoria Persephone and sewn by the incredibly gifted team at VirtuoSew in Canada. VirtuoSew has years of experience designing and sewing mermaid tails so your order is in expert hands every step of the way. Due to the fact that every tail is made to order, we cannot do returns or exchanges. If there is an issue with your tail, please email to see if your issue can be properly resolved. Tails take about 10-12 weeks for printing, sewing, and shipping.


New tails will be released every few months and next year custom sizing will be available, as well as a larger range of standard sizes. Also coming next year, merman tails designed specifically for men.


For now, tails are only available in sizes small, medium, and large. For reference, a small will correspond approximately to an American size 2.

Trésor de la Mer Harvest Fantasy Professional Mermaid Tail Size Chart

Check out the Harvest Fantasy and Lilith Professional Mermaid Tails in action!

"Oceans," An exciting collaboration with pop singer
Collette McLafferty - you can download the single using the link in the video description.

"Mysterons," by Portishead

"Angel," by Jon Secada

"Fake Light from the Sun," by Fiction Plane

"Time in a Bottle," by Jim Croce

"A Thousand Years," by Christina Perri

"Secret," by Faetra

"Possessed by the Darkness [Devastation Mermix],"
by Sarah McLachlan
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