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I envy those who get to be in the water every day. Up here in the northeast, it's been a mild December but make no mistake, it isn't swimming weather. Because of the holiday, and a laser treatment I had, I haven't been able to schedule a swim at the indoor pool where I've been practicing. I haven't been in the water since my last photo shoot with Brandon at the end of November, when it was unfortunately 10 degrees cooler than usual in Florida. It's frustrating to know that my progress as a mermaid and eventually as a freediver is going so slowly. I want to learn and evolve. I literally can't, and none of it is my fault.

My solace is knowing that in a few weeks I'll be swimming in the balmy cenotes of Tulum Mexico. It's my first trip abroad and I'm so excited to be spending a week practicing and shooting and creating beautiful images. Our work seems to be garnering a positive response, but the following on the Trésor de la Mer Instagram is still small. Please take a moment to hit follow - if your account isn't private I usually follow back. I don't really know the etiquette for following private accounts of people I don't know personally so I usually just don't request them; I figured the whole point of a private account was to keep out people you aren't personally acquainted with.

I am thrilled to announce that a collaboration with Siia Cosmetics is in the works. We had a wonderful meeting via Zoom recently where we shared some exciting ideas. The promo launches in January and I'm genuinely looking forward to being part of it. Makeup companies tend to focus on very young women, and it's so invigorating to see them take an interest in me, someone over 30.

Calendar sales have been decent. I really wasn't sure what to expect sales-wise for my first calendar but the feedback has been great and I'm so relieved to see my hard work garner so many compliments. Pick up your own 2022 calendar here.

My friend training for his freediving competition in Dominica is making magnificent strides. I am so inspired by his seemingly effortless bravery. I plan to take great leaps in my Tulum photo sessions. I'm going to be diving deeper, and showing off more of my ballet and acrobatic prowess underwater. I wish I could do it now. Time can be so cruel; it drags during the most painful and mundane moments yet accelerates to hyperspeed when we're happiest and need the moments to last. I am ready for more. The countdown begins.

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