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Infernal Dance

There once was a time when I allowed all of my spirituality out into the open, and displayed it for everyone to see. I expected cosmic returns of the same kind of positivity I exuded. Instead, I found myself used, mocked, my vulnerabilities exploited. And so now I hide all of it, showing it only to those who have earned it. Protecting my heart from the slings and arrows of others became a priority. Even being public on Instagram is a monster step, as it leaves a door open for others to slither in with their pathetic derides while they hide like cowards behind their phones and keyboards. I am always productive and positive, and looking to learn new things. It becomes infinitely more difficult to be that way when you witness the barbs of others firsthand.

I haven't given up. I'm a problem solver, perhaps to my detriment, as sometimes it's hard to stop fixing something and walk away. But, my brain argues, if it's so difficult to walk away, maybe it's worth fixing. My heart is a gift for those who earn it.

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