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Mer Girl

I've been working on redesigning the fluke of the FinFun Elite Mermaid tail. It's a beautiful tail but the fluke is heavy, and it's hard to do a traditional mermaid tail flip with it. Today I had an opportunity to recut the vinyl insert that goes inside the tail. It's a 2-piece insert that encases the monofin; it holds the shape of the tail as you swim. The lighter weight plastic I purchased seems to be working pretty well so far; it's holding the shape of the tail while feeling noticeably lighter on my ankles. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to flip the fluke out of the water the way I'd like to, but I'll find out Monday at my next photo shoot.

The additional water drainage holes I added to the fluke have worked out well. Right now there are 4 but I'll probably add at least 2 more and then continue to monitor the progression during swim practice.

If the new plastic insert works out the way I want it to, I'll start selling them on my website. It will most likely be on a made to order basis for now, until I figure out how much demand there is. The same will apply to the custom designed dorsal fin that I added to the tail. The dorsal fin package will consist of the fabric pieces needed to construct it; the purchaser will be required to cut, sew, and attach the fin to her mermaid tail. And of course, custom designed tails. There's a lot of new projects on the horizon; I hope everything turns out the way I want it to.

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