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This is the Harvest Fantasy tail, a perfect way to bring your woodsy fairy mermaid persona to life. The Harvest Fantasy tail blends coral, plum, peach, and teal tones together in a magical smoky texture printed pattern. The fin spines are bold, glowing against the deep autumn hues of the tail. An oversized fluke and dorsal fin will make everyone look twice as you swim by with your magical colours trailing behind you. Leafy fin edges and a slightly weathered look evoke images of fall in full bloom and add an extra finishing touch to this mermaid tail.

The fluke is approximately 47" long and 48" wide at the longest/widest points. The dorsal fin is approximately 41" long and 15" wide at the longest/widest points. A larger monofin is required for this tail. This tail is intended for advanced or professional level swimmers and is not recommended for beginners. As always, never swim alone and always use the proper monofin.

Harvest Fantasy Professional Mermaid Tail

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