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We are thrilled to present the 2024 Mermaid Fantasy Photography Calendar! Twelve stunning mermaid fantasy images featuring underwater model and mermaid Victoria Persephone and photography by Trace Wells Ingham. This is one of 2 available calendars of exquisite mermaid fantasy photography.


Treasure of the Sea is a magical journey through the aquatic underworld. Trésor de la Mer offers ethereal ballet fantasy and mermaid fantasy underwater photography artwork & accessories for your home, studio, or office. Create an aquatic fantasy everywhere. A unique endeavour between a ballet dancer and a collective of photographers, Trésor de la Mer provides extraordinary artwork for discerning collectors and admirers of our underwater world. Victoria Persephone is a professional ballet dancer & graphic artist from New York, and the photographers who contribute to the allure of Trésor de la Mer are accomplished freedivers and scuba divers who travel extensively all over the world. This imaginative work fuses together in a fully immersive underwater daydream. Bring the reverie into your home, studio, or office with prints that capture images of the deepest corners of your imagination. Add functional and decorative accessories like journals, phone cases, and laptop sleeves to help organize and optimize your everyday life. Create your own aquatic fantasy and spend every day reveling in the glory of the magical abyss we've shared with you.


This item is made to order and is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Trésor de la Mer 2024 Mermaid Fantasy Photography Calendar 11" x 16" [TWI] EUR

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