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Broadway Bound

If you're in Times Square NYC, be sure to keep an eye out for my billboard! It's above Forever 21 on Broadway. It's an expensive ad, so it doesn't run that often, but I'm still hoping the right people will see it. This beautiful photo was shot in a mystical cenote in Mexico.

Trésor de la Mer Mermaid for Hire
Trésor de la Mer Mermaid for Hire

I've been heavily promoting my Mermaid for Hire services and I'm definitely getting some interest. Plus some people have even offered up a few leads to semi-permanent mermaid work, so I'm looking into those as well. Doing this underwater modeling and mermaid modeling with Brandon has changed my life. I love working on my new projects and I put every last bit of energy into making my business a success. I hope success and full time mermaiding is just around the bend.

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