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Float Freely Through Our Fantasy World - Fantasy Art Prints by Trésor de la Mer

Trésor de la Mer provides a portal for your mind to wander into a new dimension where mermaids and ballet dancers hover effortlessly below the surface of the water. Let our portraits enhance the serenity of your yoga and ballet studios, allowing your clients to feel inspired and swim through an alternate reality during your classes. Our portraits provide calmness while encouraging the mind to work smoothly, thereby allowing the body to function more precisely. Detailed, focused work is the core of yoga and ballet technique.

Avatar Mermaid Art Print by Trésor de la Mer
Avatar Mermaid Fantasy Art Print by Trésor de la Mer

Our complete collection of underwater portraiture features more than 70 mermaid fantasy art prints and ballet fantasy art prints. We can provide contracts to chain locations as well as cater to the specific needs of smaller businesses. Gone are the days of meaningless abstract bargain basement prints. It's time to be expressive and inviting, and guide your clients into a peaceful realm with our ethereal imagery. Trésor de la Mer can handle every detail of your new artwork and ship framed and matted versions to you - all you need to do is hang it. See everything we have to offer in our Art Prints section:

Fallen Angel Mermaid Art Print by Trésor de la Mer
Fallen Angel Mermaid Fantasy Art Print by Trésor de la Mer

Each portrait comes alive with bright colours or darker Earth tones. You make the choice to coordinate with your current decor and studio brand message. Need help deciding? We can definitely assist with decor queries - please send a message to - we are so excited to help you create a new, magical journey.

Dreamland Ballet Art Print by Trésor de la Mer
Dreamland Ballet Fantasy Art Print by Trésor de la Mer


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