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It's been such a whirlwind lately. I've done SOO much work promoting my mermaid for hire services to high end clients, and in the process, I ran into someone I haven't seen in years. His career has taken a massive 180 turn and he now works for a private equity firm. He was super interested in my mermaid for hire services, as his company is looking to start hosting client parties again after a covid-induced hiatus. No promises of employment, but he's been forwarding my info to his wealthiest clients as well as the other partners at the firm. Hopefully they'll all find the idea of mermaid entertainment at a summer party as awesome as he finds it.

I placed an order for some large mermaid shells made of resin; these will adorn yet another top I will start working on shortly. I have one top currently in progress and it's turning out great, despite how much harder it is than I initially estimated. I've never worked with resin products in my creative endeavours before, but the etsy shop owner I purchased from was so helpful with her advice. I have to make a cute belt to match, and I'm struggling a little with the design, but I know I can make it happen. I plan to experiment with some shell paint colours this week.

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