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Mermaid For Hire

I am so excited about my recent decision to add a Mermaid for Hire page to the Trésor de la Mer website. I wish I'd thought of it sooner, to be honest. I love doing this work with my photographer Brandon, and I'm dying to have more opportunities to get in the water. This is the perfect blend of doing something I love while earning money. I'm available for upscale events and corporate functions in the Northeast. Technically I'm available everywhere, but the price rises considerably the further I get from home.

The business is chugging along, though not at the pace I'd hoped. I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself. My SEO expert cautioned me that strong results take time and she's been very supportive. In her opinion I'm doing all the right things and the progression is good. I spend a lot of time researching SEO tactics and marketing myself to anyone I think will be interested in purchasing art prints, which are the primary focus of the business. But now that I'm officially a mermaid for hire, the art prints marketing will be on equal footing with the mermaid for hire marketing.

I can't wait to start doing mermaid shows. I have my eye on some new tails, and I'm currently building a new mermaid top - the one I had custom made didn't hold up quite as well as I'd hoped, but it spent A LOT of time in the water, so I can't really complain. I love it too much to give it up, so it's going to be a backup top, or one that I wear on land, if I ever do a land shoot [I much prefer the underwater work, despite how dirty and cold I end up getting]. I've taken some additional precautions with the new top I'm building so hopefully it will last longer.

I recently uploaded a YouTube video of Brandon getting viciously attacked by an adorable lion cub while we were in Mexico, and it's now the most popular thing on my YouTube channel. Maybe Brandon should wear the tail and I'll just take the pics from now on, lol. Please like and subscribe!

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