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I've been so busy that I completely forgot to share a photo of my newest mermaid top. These shells are resin, cast by the uber fabulous Red Nebula Studios in Arizona. You can find their shop full of high quality creations on Etsy.

Trésor de la Mer custom mermaid top
Trésor de la Mer custom mermaid top

The top is covered in a raspberry art deco sequin mesh fabric. I painted the shells with acrylics, with 4 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating to seal everything in. The ombre colours were chosen to match my new Island Iris tail from Finfolk Productions. I used this tail at my most recent photo shoot with my photographer Brandon, and I'll be using it again on my upcoming July shoot. The shells are detachable, so I can wash the top separately.

The Krylon held up great underwater, even when I inadvertently scraped up against a rock formation. No damage! Currently I'm working up a 3rd top for a shoot this fall. This will have another set of shells from Red Nebula, with a different colour scheme to match the custom tail I'm having printed.

Everything has been so exciting and SO busy lately, and it's so invigorating to have so many projects to work on. New things are happening, but I'm keeping everything under wraps for now, so I don't jinx myself. I can't wait for the big reveals.

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